Dr Wayne Walton

"I can tell you why I have been dealing with Althor Products since the 60's, SERVICE. I am very happy to let you know that you are appreciated."

The Family Handyman
July/August 2008

"If you want lots of just about any particular size box, check out althor.com…you get lots of high-quality boxes for the money."

Biological Sciences Teaching Museum
Santa Barbara City College

"I was your very happy customer here in Santa Barbara. I have been in charge of renovating our Biological Sciences Teaching Museum here at Santa Barbara City College. We have about 3,000 specimens that we use in our college... two years ago we started a project to move all the boxed specimens into clear boxes with lids. Althor was our main supplier and your great assortment of box sizes did the job for about 95% of our specimens.

Thanks again for all the great boxes and happy, prompt and helpful service. Althor seems like a great company!"

Genevieve Anderson

Herkimer Diamond Mines

"We have been purchasing from Althor Products for several years. Their pricing is very competitive. Althor's customer service is one of the best we have encountered."

Marie E.
Business Manager

Corporate Purchasing Agent, Fortune 500 Company

"I've been buying plastic boxes from Althor for about 20 years now, and
they always have the exact size I need"

Paul K
Wilmington, DE